Bounty ideas for BountyFans #1

Dress up as a giant avocado and create a video of you performing a rap battle against a giant slice of bread.
Build a life-size replica of the Titanic out of popsicle sticks and challenge someone to sink it with a water gun.
Take a photo of yourself wearing a full suit and tie while doing an activity typically reserved for beachwear, like surfing or playing beach volleyball.
Write a short story about a time traveler who accidentally goes back in time and becomes the world's first pizza delivery person.
Create a video of yourself trying to complete an elaborate obstacle course blindfolded while your friends throw random objects at you.
Do a dramatic reading of your grocery list as if it were Shakespearean dialogue, complete with dramatic pauses and flourishes.
Build a miniature city out of jellybeans and then eat it in under 10 minutes.