Bounty ideas for BountyFans #2

Dress up as a giant fruit and create a video of you singing a silly song about fruit.
Create a rap song about the history of cheese.
Build a life-size cardboard cutout of yourself and take it on a tour of your city, documenting its adventures on social media.
Write a short story about a time traveler who accidentally goes back in time to the Middle Ages and has to teach medieval knights how to breakdance.
Create a video of yourself trying to complete an elaborate obstacle course while wearing a three-piece suit.
Do a dramatic reading of a random Wikipedia article, complete with accents and sound effects.
Build a miniature city out of toothpicks and glue, and document the process in a time-lapse video.
Attempt to break a bizarre world record, like the most socks worn on one foot or the longest time spent hula hooping.