Crowdfunding Guidelines

The word project is also synonymous with bounty or bounties in this case.

1. Clear project description:

  • Make sure that each project has a clear and concise description that explains what the project is about, what the funds will be used for, and what backers will receive in return.

2. Realistic funding goal:

  • Ensure that each project has a realistic funding goal that is proportional to the project's scope and budget. This will help to build trust with backers and increase the chances of the project being successfully funded.

3. Transparent funding breakdown:

  • Provide a detailed breakdown of how the funds will be used, including any expenses associated with producing and delivering rewards to backers.

4. Professional presentation:

  • Encourage project creators to present their projects in a professional and compelling manner. This can include high-quality images, videos, and other multimedia that help to showcase the project's unique value proposition.

5. Consistent communication:

  • Encourage project creators to provide regular updates to backers throughout the funding period and after the project has been successfully funded. This helps to build trust and keep backers engaged in the project's progress.

6. Clear refund policy:

  • Establish a clear and fair refund policy for backers in the event that a project is not successfully funded or if the project creator is unable to fulfill their obligations.

7. No fraudulent or illegal activities:

  • Prohibit projects that engage in fraudulent or illegal activities, such as selling counterfeit goods or promoting hate speech.

8. Protect backers' personal information:

  • Implement strong security measures to protect the personal information of backers, including their payment details and contact information.

9. Comply with local laws and regulations:

  • Ensure that your platform complies with all relevant local laws and regulations governing crowdfunding activities in your jurisdiction.

10. Harmless and non-hurting:

  • Projects should be harmless and not hurt the creator or any other individual or group of individuals.

Please note that we reserve the right to remove any project that we deem inappropriate or over the top. We understand that everyone has their own vision and ambitions, but we also have a responsibility to maintain a safe and positive environment for our community.

To avoid having your project removed, please ensure that it meets our guidelines and standards. These include:

  • Your project must be legal and comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Your project must be clear and transparent, with a well-defined scope and realistic goals.
  • Your project must not promote hate speech, discrimination, or any form of violence.
  • Your project must not infringe on any intellectual property rights or violate any third-party rights.
  • Your project must not be excessively risky, fraudulent, or deceptive.

If your project violates any of these guidelines, we reserve the right to remove it from our platform without notice. We encourage you to review our guidelines before submitting your project and to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.